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Breakfast: The Most Important Meal of Your Day

Gregg Carroll - Thursday, March 28, 2013

Morning rush hour rush calls for so much activity that it's easy to skip breakfast. While missing breakfast is unhealthy, grabbing processed,  pre-packaged foods on the run isn't a good choice either. Here are some quick ideas for healthy breakfast. No numbers, no counting calories, just plenty of nutrients and a stable blood glucose level to help keep the brain active and alert.


Must Include Components in Your Breakfast

Unrefined, Whole Grain Carbohydrates — Carbohydrates are the primary source of fuel for our bodies. Consuming natural carbohydrates that contain simple and complex sugars help give you the quick boost your body desperately requires in the morning, while complex sugars release glucose at a slower rate to get you going ahead of mid-morning. Great options for whole grain carbohydrates include buckwheat, oats, and whole grain toast. Have it as a cereal or a porridge prepared with soy or nut milk.

Omega-3 Fats – There are so many health benefits attached to the omega-3 fats; lowering high cholesterol, protecting the heart, essential for optimal brain function and better mood levels. Including omega-3 rich foods in your breakfast is lot simpler than you think. Sprinkle your smoothie with ground flax seeds, or top your oats with walnuts and pine nuts for a super nut/seed breakfast. Nuts and seeds have plenty of minerals and neuroprotectors that aid in optimal brain function.


Healthy Grab and Go Options

There are some mornings that are so hectic we are sometimes forced into a grab-and-go breakfast. Don't let this situation lead to an unhealthy food choice! Healthy choices include granola bars, smoothies (which you can make the previous night and refrigerate), yogurt cups, and of course fruits!

Quick Breakfast : Greek yogurt parfait (serves 1)

½ cup low fat greek yogurt

¼ cup granola or toasted dried oats

Fruits of choice (blueberries, strawberries, bananas)


Layer a ¼ cup of yogurt in the bottom of a glass. Add 2 tablespoon of oats on top, layer again with a ¼ cup of yogurt, followed by fruits, layer again with rest of oats or granola and top it off with a layer of yogurt again. Finish off with nuts and fruits.

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