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Gregg Carroll - Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jason is a 29-year-old chemist and works at a winery in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  He is taking this eight-week  “Fitness Challenge” to reduce belly fat, increase lean muscle mass, and because he wants to be, look and feel healthier.  Here is a picture of Jason and his girlfriend, Megan, enjoying his last “feast” before embarking on this journey to a higher level of  health and fitness.  


Monday, October 15, 6:30 am.  
Sweat suit ready, awesome blue Pumas by the door (shoes, not jungle cats), ready for a run down a curvy Floyd, Virginia back road.  And rain pelts the window.  With a round trip of 30 minutes to the gym and back to work, there was no way to get to the gym, workout, make and eat breakfast, and get to work by 8:00 am.   I’ll be sure to check the weather next time.  Mid-October in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, although spectacularly gorgeous in its splendid colorful autumn dress, is not the best time to start running in the rain.  So that explains how I took a “rain check” on my first morning run and workout.

It’s now about 10:00 on Tuesday night.  After another unsuccessful early morning wake up call, I decided to break in new gym clothes in an evening workout.  I tried Cardio Circuit #2 of my cardio plan.  Started out pleasant with an elliptical warm up followed by a run on the treadmill.  I slowed down, turned up the incline and all of a sudden walking was harder than running.  By the time I finished the incline jog I was ready to sit on that bike!   It took a push to get through the whole workout, but after that last sprint on the bike at 110 RMP and level 9 —code for “pedal faster than you ever thought you could”—it felt great to have finished the circuit almost to the letter (and treadmill setting) of the plan.

This is the first time I felt like I really worked out.  I’ve lived in Floyd for about five years and have never worked out in our local gym, Floyd Fitness.  I’ve lived in other places a total of 25 years and never had worked out in any of those gyms, either.  Until recently, I never had to bother with a workout to maintain the same weight. I could eat and do what I wanted and always stayed the same size. However, over the past two years, that lifestyle began to catch up with me.  I was beginning to get annoyed with the pudge building up around my waist and was seriously considering what I should do about it. 

Then, as though it were meant to be, this opportunity to get fit presented itself.  At first I was hesitant, but with some slight encouragement, I applied and was fortunate enough to win one of the personalized diet/fitness programs. It may sound silly, but now I have begun one of the most difficult tasks I’ve ever set out to do.  Changing oneself isn’t easy, but with the help of Blue Mountain Organics ™, a great trainer,  Terri Turner, and my darling girlfriend, I will rise to the challenge and accomplish my goals just fine.


Jason must do cardio exercise five days per week.
Cardio:  Shoot for 5 morning cardio workouts per week for now.  Try and do each 3 cardio programs below once a week and two other days do 35-45 minutes hard elliptical, jogging, incline walking, etc.

One of Jason’s Cardio workouts:
Cardio Circuit #2:
Warm up for 5 minutes on elliptical
0-10 minutes run at 6.0+ MPH on a 0% incline on the treadmill
10-15 minutes walk at 4.0+ MPH at 8-12% incline
15-20 minutes run at 6.0+ MPH at 4% incline
20-35 minutes sprints on upright bike (bike that has no back) sprint every 3rd minute at 110 RPMs at level 9+ then recover for 2 or 3 minutes at 90+RPMs and level 6
35-40 minutes cool down on bike at a low resistance
Jason will also be performing weight lifting routines, and we will post a sample next time, so please be sure to check back with us.


Jason will be eating five times per day, with each meal or snack 2 to 3 hours from his last one.  This regular schedule of meals and snacks helps to fuel his body evenly throughout the day and keep him from getting too hungry at any point in time.  Terri has incorporated many delicious, nutritious meals into Jason’s plan, with lots of variety, such as:

Sample Breakfast:
An omelet with 1 whole egg + 3 egg whites and 1-2 TBSP salsa on top 2/3 cup cooked Blue Mountain Organics sprouted quinoa OR with Blue Mountain Organics Living Oats sweetened with cinnamon and a bit of stevia to taste OR a serving of the Ambrosia 14-Grain Muesli with 1 cup of unsweetened Almond milk or organic low fat milk

Sample dinner:
A large spinach or romaine salad with 1/3 of an avocado diced, raw or steamed veggies choosing from baby carrots, purple onion, diced cucumber, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini & squash with 1 TBSP olive oil & lemon juice or balsamic or apple cider vinegar as dressing with 5 ounces wild caught Atlantic Salmon or Tilapia (you can have lean red meat 1-2x a week here if you like)

Jason will be avoiding all processed foods and refined carbohydrates, drinking approximately a gallon of water per day, and preparing his food ahead of time to work within the framework of his busy schedule.

Let’s all encourage Jason and cheer him on to success.  What he is doing, as anyone who has ever tried to stick to a fitness and nutrition plan already knows, takes control, persistence, sacrifice and commitment in order to achieve the transformation desired.  Go Jason—you can do it!

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