Blue Mountain Organics™ and Terri Turner Fitness Program Update

Jason & Megan

Gregg Carroll - Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 24 11:43 pm


I’ve been working out with Jason for a week and half now. I’ve been working out myself since I was in high school—from aerobics videos with my mom in the mornings before school (I feel like I personally know Denise Austin) to running down the streets of Colonial Williamsburg, I’ve worked out many days of my adult life. I even teach fitness classes. BUT Jason’s fitness plan has me whipped!  The first time Jason and I completed one of Terri’s cardio workouts I’m pretty sure my legs went numb. I tried to run uphill on the treadmill...then I slowed down my pace, slowed it down some more…and some more. I looked over to see Jason just running along, no big deal, at 6.0+ at 4% incline. The same thing happened on the bike. I never use bikes on my own because I get frustrated—WHY can’t I pedal any faster??  I know, if I actually got on the bike and pedaled as fast as I could I would eventually pedal faster, maybe even keep up with Jason. So that is what I do. Every time we work out I go as fast, as hard, as long as I can and each time I push myself a little more. It’s working, I do a lot of inward groaning, but it’s working.

No inward groaning as far as the diet is concerned. I enjoy the food we’ve been eating, especially eggs and salsa in the mornings. I know how to eat healthily but I love bread and butter and pasta and sugar and on and on. I found though, that I don’t miss those foods. Yes, it’s hard to walk through the ice cream aisle but as long as I keep my head down I make it through without starting longingly for several minutes at double fudge swirl.


It’s not that being on a diet and eating healthy is difficult, it’s not getting to eat The Country Creamery ice cream. While being on a diet there are positives and perceived negatives. No sugar, no bread, no butter, and no pasta can seem pretty bad. However, focusing on what you can’t have isn’t the best way to consider the diet. Focusing on the other delightful options that you do have and may have never even considered, is a much more rewarding concept. Eating brown rice, salmon, chicken, lean beef, veggies, and even awesome BTR Almond Butter is great! Honestly, having the structure of the diet has made deciding what to eat easier than ever for me. I’m quite an indecisive person so dinner was often a challenge. What to cook? What are the ingredients? What’s the main dish? What’s the side? Now that I have a more defined meal plan it’s much less stressful to cook dinner. I’ve also begun to explore using spices like never before. I’m learning quite a lot about eating healthy and cooking healthy. It makes me feel good knowing that I now have the knowledge and ability to make a healthy meal that is even tasty!  Besides, I know that someday I’ll be able to treat myself to a yummy ice cream cone again!

Jason & Megan

Gregg Carroll - Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 28, 2012


Two weeks down and six to go, I never thought that I could make it this far. Just as I begin to get comfortable and defeat the fear of cardio (and actually enjoy it) there is another challenge placed before me in this quest for fitness -- weight training. The intimidation of machines and contraptions (some of which look like torture devices) can be overwhelming and nearly frightening. Super sets and giant sets? What on earth are these dramatic words describing?  They are describing the next step, a next step that must be taken to succeed. However, the road to success is sometimes fraught with doubt and frustration that can make the goal seem impossible to accomplish. Just as it seems that I would want to give up though, there is always my dear strong and encouraging companion offering encouragement -- my wonderful girlfriend, Megan, whose support and love is nearly the only thing that can make this possible. Without Megan I don’t believe I could do this competition. She is my coach and my teammate. She is right beside me with every 12% grade step on the treadmill and every grueling 110 rpm sprint on the bike. I can’t thank her enough. Now the most wonderful part of the challenge and hard work is beginning to reveal itself. Results! I’ve actually lost weight and inches! I’m 4 lbs lighter with ¾ of an inch smaller waist. I honestly can say that I feel better and stronger. I don’t have such a protruding gut, and the stairs seem easier to climb than ever. How rewarding it is that this work truly does pay off in so many ways. I feel healthier, I look better, and I’m getting to be closer and spend more time with Megan. This has got to be one of the best challenges I’ve ever taken on. Thank you, Megan! Thank you, Blue Mountain Organics! Thank you, Terri! Thank you, my awesome blue pumas!


I am so proud of Jason! For two weeks now he’s been working out and sticking to his diet almost every day. We did take a break from working out on Friday, but Saturday morning we were back at the gym. Wednesday we took a jog around the hilltop cemetery. I was pretty much done by the time we got to the cemetery but Jason wanted to jog around twice before jogging back to his house.  It was a nice jog; I only stopped once…to tie my shoe, honest ;-)  Thursday we started the weight lifting programs, and those workouts will be a great addition to the cardio. Jason is already excited about the fat he can see beginning to melt away, but I think he’ll be even more excited to start seeing muscle definition!  
With Halloween coming up we’ve both been tempted with REFINED SUGAR, yikes! We’ve been able to resist, and next week while many people suffer sugar crashes and stomach aches, we’ll feel just fine!  I’m amazed at how much better I feel when sticking to the diet. I think I’ll eat this way all the time…with the exception of the occasional double fudge swirl.


Gregg Carroll - Monday, October 22, 2012

Susan is a sociology professor at Ferrum College.

Four years ago, I decided I needed a change, and transformed my diet from vegetarian plus seafood (aquatarian?) to vegan and gluten-free. Things went very well, with weight dropping and energy bopping! About 6 months later, I joined the gym, and against all previous indications, fell in love with fitness. Within 18 months of the change, I had lost about 75 pounds and was fitting into a size 8 in some clothes... quite the change from the 248 pounds, 3X sizes from just a couple of years before. People still recognized my voice and passion for life, but had to get used to a new look! I did quite well keeping within 10 pounds and a size of the smallest me until recent months, when my job demands and stress levels kept me out of the gym and heading towards carbs when I needed a lift. I got dangerously close to losing focus all together and turning to food—albeit still vegan and gluten-free—for solace and emotional fill-er-ups. I wasn’t getting those endorphins from the gym workouts I missed so much, but just couldn’t make myself do in the crevices of time I might eke out here and there.

A yummy breakfast smoothie!

But as fall approaches, I have found myself yearning for the ultra-healthy days and have begun moving towards it once again, albeit slowly. I am on track again, but what I know is this girl needs a serious kickstart, and when I saw this opportunity in my e-mail, I knew it was just the thing! I have returned to the gym several times a week, but just recently told someone that I need guidance, training, and initial motivation that I can pick up and run with. And just last weekend, when I munched on a delicious raw food sweet thing I was gifted, I thought "Why haven’t I explored these options, beyond the yummy Kale Chips and Cashew Cream I discovered through Blue Mountain Organics? It has been WAY too long." Then, as the universe works, I got the e-mail and realized THIS IS THE MOMENT! Training and Treats for 8 Weeks! Oh, yeah... I gotta go for it. Trainer Terri talks about BALANCE — well, she has quite the project with me, and would never find a more eager student.

Early in the first week I was definitely making huge progress in getting back on track. I got the Blue Mountain Organics food box on Tuesday, so started adding in BMO products to my meals on Wednesday. Have been loving it — especially my vegan protein powder and hemp seeds (delicious... something I never had before).

A weeks worth of BMO brown rice.

No problems at all wanting more or different food not on the plan — I am loving this far more than I expected (thought I'd be bored with same thing every day — not so). My biggest challenge is getting through all the meals/snacks on the plan! Trying to make sure I get all the protein sources if I can't sit down and have the exact contents of each menu item.

The fitness plan is going ok except that I have to double up on days I am near the gym until Terri and I work out a home fitness plan (since the gym is at work, 45 minutes from home). I love being back at weight training and the elliptical; however, I am no a runner per se, so the treadmill is NOT my friend. Tried it twice this week and I just cannot run or jog on it — I am not sure why — not so much the lack of effort but mechanics (at the speeds suggested, I almost fall off the back!), but I am finding ways to use it the best I can to work up a really good sweat. Have always worked hard on cardio, but I cannot get up to the speeds Terri set out in the plan... that will just have to be a goal as I am doing my BEST as she suggested and getting great workouts just the same. I was the last one in the gym twice last week.

The crazy prepping scene for the week's lunches & dinners!

My biggest problem may be my perfectionism... I want to do exactly as requested, but will have to focus on spirit if not the exact letter of the law at every moment. I am the most loyal person I know, and I DON'T cheat on anything ever; for instance, you will never find me eating things not on the plan — but I might not get to everything in the order written out every day. I have to fit in what is requested to create a realistic pattern in my life as long as I work in every possible prescribed element as I can. I have been obsessive about programs before and that is not healthy for me. Therefore, reveling in the welcomed changes, patting myself on the back for valiant and serious efforts to meet the requested details, that is what will work. I am already feeling the results — especially of the intention and attention to doing what is good for me, and the great food I am putting into my body (and all that I am leaving out). I am reminding my body and soul what got me to the healthy place I have been in recent years but began to slip away from in stressful times. Lower stress about work and reducing my perfectionist approach, reveling in the height of nutrition, basking in the endorphins from those deep workouts... that is my plan for the next 7 1/2 weeks because that is what has felt so good for the last 4 days.

A squash, tomato, hemp seed & asparagus concoction...

Wow — I haven't cooked this much since I don't know when! But now I am pretty set for the week. And really looking forward to getting to the gym again tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday since 26 hours of work, food prep, and a little sleep took up all my time and energy over the weekend. Will try to find an online workout video for Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday to accompany the home weight routine Terry is preparing. The most exciting part so far is that I have lost the bloated feeling and belly extension, as well as beginning to see some more definition in my face — will find out tomorrow if that is my imagination or if the scales show any difference, at least a little bit. Really concentrating on making sure I get all the protein sources in my plan — for instance, even if I don't get a chance to make the whole salad for dinner when I get home late at night, I munch on 3 tablespoons of those yummy hemp seeds.

Next important goal: get MORE SLEEP! Especially if I plan to try to incorporate early morning workouts (got a student study session tomorrow night plus the last debate... better work out in the a.m.!!). So I won’t post workout details at the moment — I’ll do that later this week along with some of the results from the first week of the plan. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures of the delicious and nutritious food I have been eating!!


Gregg Carroll - Thursday, October 18, 2012

Jason is a 29-year-old chemist and works at a winery in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.  He is taking this eight-week  “Fitness Challenge” to reduce belly fat, increase lean muscle mass, and because he wants to be, look and feel healthier.  Here is a picture of Jason and his girlfriend, Megan, enjoying his last “feast” before embarking on this journey to a higher level of  health and fitness.  


Monday, October 15, 6:30 am.  
Sweat suit ready, awesome blue Pumas by the door (shoes, not jungle cats), ready for a run down a curvy Floyd, Virginia back road.  And rain pelts the window.  With a round trip of 30 minutes to the gym and back to work, there was no way to get to the gym, workout, make and eat breakfast, and get to work by 8:00 am.   I’ll be sure to check the weather next time.  Mid-October in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, although spectacularly gorgeous in its splendid colorful autumn dress, is not the best time to start running in the rain.  So that explains how I took a “rain check” on my first morning run and workout.

It’s now about 10:00 on Tuesday night.  After another unsuccessful early morning wake up call, I decided to break in new gym clothes in an evening workout.  I tried Cardio Circuit #2 of my cardio plan.  Started out pleasant with an elliptical warm up followed by a run on the treadmill.  I slowed down, turned up the incline and all of a sudden walking was harder than running.  By the time I finished the incline jog I was ready to sit on that bike!   It took a push to get through the whole workout, but after that last sprint on the bike at 110 RMP and level 9 —code for “pedal faster than you ever thought you could”—it felt great to have finished the circuit almost to the letter (and treadmill setting) of the plan.

This is the first time I felt like I really worked out.  I’ve lived in Floyd for about five years and have never worked out in our local gym, Floyd Fitness.  I’ve lived in other places a total of 25 years and never had worked out in any of those gyms, either.  Until recently, I never had to bother with a workout to maintain the same weight. I could eat and do what I wanted and always stayed the same size. However, over the past two years, that lifestyle began to catch up with me.  I was beginning to get annoyed with the pudge building up around my waist and was seriously considering what I should do about it. 

Then, as though it were meant to be, this opportunity to get fit presented itself.  At first I was hesitant, but with some slight encouragement, I applied and was fortunate enough to win one of the personalized diet/fitness programs. It may sound silly, but now I have begun one of the most difficult tasks I’ve ever set out to do.  Changing oneself isn’t easy, but with the help of Blue Mountain Organics ™, a great trainer,  Terri Turner, and my darling girlfriend, I will rise to the challenge and accomplish my goals just fine.


Jason must do cardio exercise five days per week.
Cardio:  Shoot for 5 morning cardio workouts per week for now.  Try and do each 3 cardio programs below once a week and two other days do 35-45 minutes hard elliptical, jogging, incline walking, etc.

One of Jason’s Cardio workouts:
Cardio Circuit #2:
Warm up for 5 minutes on elliptical
0-10 minutes run at 6.0+ MPH on a 0% incline on the treadmill
10-15 minutes walk at 4.0+ MPH at 8-12% incline
15-20 minutes run at 6.0+ MPH at 4% incline
20-35 minutes sprints on upright bike (bike that has no back) sprint every 3rd minute at 110 RPMs at level 9+ then recover for 2 or 3 minutes at 90+RPMs and level 6
35-40 minutes cool down on bike at a low resistance
Jason will also be performing weight lifting routines, and we will post a sample next time, so please be sure to check back with us.


Jason will be eating five times per day, with each meal or snack 2 to 3 hours from his last one.  This regular schedule of meals and snacks helps to fuel his body evenly throughout the day and keep him from getting too hungry at any point in time.  Terri has incorporated many delicious, nutritious meals into Jason’s plan, with lots of variety, such as:

Sample Breakfast:
An omelet with 1 whole egg + 3 egg whites and 1-2 TBSP salsa on top 2/3 cup cooked Blue Mountain Organics sprouted quinoa OR with Blue Mountain Organics Living Oats sweetened with cinnamon and a bit of stevia to taste OR a serving of the Ambrosia 14-Grain Muesli with 1 cup of unsweetened Almond milk or organic low fat milk

Sample dinner:
A large spinach or romaine salad with 1/3 of an avocado diced, raw or steamed veggies choosing from baby carrots, purple onion, diced cucumber, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini & squash with 1 TBSP olive oil & lemon juice or balsamic or apple cider vinegar as dressing with 5 ounces wild caught Atlantic Salmon or Tilapia (you can have lean red meat 1-2x a week here if you like)

Jason will be avoiding all processed foods and refined carbohydrates, drinking approximately a gallon of water per day, and preparing his food ahead of time to work within the framework of his busy schedule.

Let’s all encourage Jason and cheer him on to success.  What he is doing, as anyone who has ever tried to stick to a fitness and nutrition plan already knows, takes control, persistence, sacrifice and commitment in order to achieve the transformation desired.  Go Jason—you can do it!


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