Blue Mountain Organics™ and Terri Turner Fitness Program Update


Gregg Carroll - Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hi everyone! It has been three months since I have been working out and watching what I eat. There have been so many changes.

First of all I have lost 22 pounds and still striving to lose more. I have purchased three different jean sizes as my waist got smaller and smaller, so far 4 inches. I am amazed at the muscle tone I have developed. The weight loss and the muscle gain keep me motivated to try to achieve even better results.

After being diligent working out at a gym for 3 months I knew I was seriously into it. Several weeks ago I purchased a treadmill and a couple of weeks after that I bought some dumb bells. Working out at home is such a pleasure. At first I was afraid the dumb bells weren't going to be as challenging as the machines in the gym. That is not the case at all. The dumb bells are much more of a work out than the machines, I felt it after the first day, using the same amount of weight.

Another positive change is my husband, Scott, and my 10 year old stepson, Matthew, are now getting into working out with the treadmill and more aware of what they are eating. Even Matthew reads the nutritionals while we are shopping at the grocery store. Which brings me to another aspect of eating healthier. Discovering new alternatives for meals. Instead of buying the same foods and cooking them the same way, we are trying new recipes and new foods. We love the food, it is healthier and delicious. This change of lifestyle doesn't cost a lot or disrupt our life, it just goes in a different direction.

I would recommend this to ANYONE who wants to get in shape; eat right and get fit, it FEELS GREAT!

Thanks to Patricia and Peter of Blue Mountain Organics™, I am liking myself a whole lot more and KNOW it is in my control how far I can go. I am far from being done. Till later...

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