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Gregg Carroll - Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 14, 2012


I can’t believe we’re on week five of the diet and fitness plan. In general I think time goes by quickly but since Jason and I started these regimens it’s sped up to double time. Days are filled with work, work outs, and preparing food. It’s not as though we never cooked meals from scratch, but if we were short on time or just feeling lazy we’d heat up soup, boil pasta, even cook a frozen pizza ;-0 Now almost all meals are put together directly before we eat. I enjoy the food, just like I enjoy working out, but by the time I finally make it to bed it’s Friday night and I swear when I woke up it was Monday morning! Still, the time it takes to prepare a meal is decreasing. I don’t do much cooking but I can make an amazing salad now AND I finish cutting up vegetables before the rest of the meal is ready

Recently I’ve gotten into the protein shakes. I don’t mind the consistency of protein powder and I really like the preparation: take a bottle of water, add protein powder, shake it up, done! Jason DOES NOT like the somewhat chalky feel you get when adding protein powder to just water. I understand but I think using almond milk and a banana will do wonders for the mouth feel. For me, the time it takes to blend up a banana and almond milk is better spent making journal entries, taste testing kale chips or finding a great deal on cacao powder. It makes me glad you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of time to make a meal/snack!


So, five weeks in and I can say that I’ve really taken a new fondness to eating. Eating breakfast every day is great. Quinoa and eggs is a wonderful match. Mind you that the eggs are mostly whites and not fried and the quinoa isn’t grits with butter, but regardless it sure is a delicious combo. I feel like it’s a treat for waking up in the morning and I swear it also gives me more energy through the day. I really fancy the little morning and afternoon snacks too. They are like two tasty metabolism rewards. I have settled on rice cakes and almond butter in the morning and yogurt in the afternoon with either cinnamon or blueberries. My food downfall has been trying to enjoy a protein shake. I simply haven’t gotten the recipe down yet and I was rather jaded by a few chalky slurry incidents in the beginning. I’ve not given up hope though, I just need to get around to giving it another chance. I’ve also become a master at baking salmon. It’s very easy actually to season and prepare it; the dish is very quick to cook too. It is a nice bonus that salmon, veggies, and salad are a relatively speedy dinner as working out 5 or 6 days a week after work leaves little time to create extravagant dishes for supper. These days the simple recipe is the best and always turns out great.

Speaking of working out my diligence with cardio is definitely paying off. I really do feel generally stronger and healthier as a result. However, I’ve not been as on top of my weight training as I have with cardio. I’m still learning the moves and frequently after 45 minutes at the gym I’m ready to go home instead of starting another workout. Little by little though I’m getting comfortable and beginning to adjust the length of my cardio to fit in time for weight training a few days a week. Today was a success with such a strategy. Megan and I did a shorter cardio and then worked on the chest and back exercises. I believe it was a success as I had great difficulty lifting my arms afterwards. All in all, the journey has been an awesome experience. I’ve been learning a lot and feeling better day after day. It’s been great so far and I can only expect it to keep getting better and better.

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