Blue Mountain Organics™ and Terri Turner Fitness Program Update

Jason & Megan

Gregg Carroll - Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 28, 2012


Two weeks down and six to go, I never thought that I could make it this far. Just as I begin to get comfortable and defeat the fear of cardio (and actually enjoy it) there is another challenge placed before me in this quest for fitness -- weight training. The intimidation of machines and contraptions (some of which look like torture devices) can be overwhelming and nearly frightening. Super sets and giant sets? What on earth are these dramatic words describing?  They are describing the next step, a next step that must be taken to succeed. However, the road to success is sometimes fraught with doubt and frustration that can make the goal seem impossible to accomplish. Just as it seems that I would want to give up though, there is always my dear strong and encouraging companion offering encouragement -- my wonderful girlfriend, Megan, whose support and love is nearly the only thing that can make this possible. Without Megan I don’t believe I could do this competition. She is my coach and my teammate. She is right beside me with every 12% grade step on the treadmill and every grueling 110 rpm sprint on the bike. I can’t thank her enough. Now the most wonderful part of the challenge and hard work is beginning to reveal itself. Results! I’ve actually lost weight and inches! I’m 4 lbs lighter with ¾ of an inch smaller waist. I honestly can say that I feel better and stronger. I don’t have such a protruding gut, and the stairs seem easier to climb than ever. How rewarding it is that this work truly does pay off in so many ways. I feel healthier, I look better, and I’m getting to be closer and spend more time with Megan. This has got to be one of the best challenges I’ve ever taken on. Thank you, Megan! Thank you, Blue Mountain Organics! Thank you, Terri! Thank you, my awesome blue pumas!


I am so proud of Jason! For two weeks now he’s been working out and sticking to his diet almost every day. We did take a break from working out on Friday, but Saturday morning we were back at the gym. Wednesday we took a jog around the hilltop cemetery. I was pretty much done by the time we got to the cemetery but Jason wanted to jog around twice before jogging back to his house.  It was a nice jog; I only stopped once…to tie my shoe, honest ;-)  Thursday we started the weight lifting programs, and those workouts will be a great addition to the cardio. Jason is already excited about the fat he can see beginning to melt away, but I think he’ll be even more excited to start seeing muscle definition!  
With Halloween coming up we’ve both been tempted with REFINED SUGAR, yikes! We’ve been able to resist, and next week while many people suffer sugar crashes and stomach aches, we’ll feel just fine!  I’m amazed at how much better I feel when sticking to the diet. I think I’ll eat this way all the time…with the exception of the occasional double fudge swirl.

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