Blue Mountain Organics™ and Terri Turner Fitness Program Update

Jason & Megan

Gregg Carroll - Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 24 11:43 pm


I’ve been working out with Jason for a week and half now. I’ve been working out myself since I was in high school—from aerobics videos with my mom in the mornings before school (I feel like I personally know Denise Austin) to running down the streets of Colonial Williamsburg, I’ve worked out many days of my adult life. I even teach fitness classes. BUT Jason’s fitness plan has me whipped!  The first time Jason and I completed one of Terri’s cardio workouts I’m pretty sure my legs went numb. I tried to run uphill on the treadmill...then I slowed down my pace, slowed it down some more…and some more. I looked over to see Jason just running along, no big deal, at 6.0+ at 4% incline. The same thing happened on the bike. I never use bikes on my own because I get frustrated—WHY can’t I pedal any faster??  I know, if I actually got on the bike and pedaled as fast as I could I would eventually pedal faster, maybe even keep up with Jason. So that is what I do. Every time we work out I go as fast, as hard, as long as I can and each time I push myself a little more. It’s working, I do a lot of inward groaning, but it’s working.

No inward groaning as far as the diet is concerned. I enjoy the food we’ve been eating, especially eggs and salsa in the mornings. I know how to eat healthily but I love bread and butter and pasta and sugar and on and on. I found though, that I don’t miss those foods. Yes, it’s hard to walk through the ice cream aisle but as long as I keep my head down I make it through without starting longingly for several minutes at double fudge swirl.


It’s not that being on a diet and eating healthy is difficult, it’s not getting to eat The Country Creamery ice cream. While being on a diet there are positives and perceived negatives. No sugar, no bread, no butter, and no pasta can seem pretty bad. However, focusing on what you can’t have isn’t the best way to consider the diet. Focusing on the other delightful options that you do have and may have never even considered, is a much more rewarding concept. Eating brown rice, salmon, chicken, lean beef, veggies, and even awesome BTR Almond Butter is great! Honestly, having the structure of the diet has made deciding what to eat easier than ever for me. I’m quite an indecisive person so dinner was often a challenge. What to cook? What are the ingredients? What’s the main dish? What’s the side? Now that I have a more defined meal plan it’s much less stressful to cook dinner. I’ve also begun to explore using spices like never before. I’m learning quite a lot about eating healthy and cooking healthy. It makes me feel good knowing that I now have the knowledge and ability to make a healthy meal that is even tasty!  Besides, I know that someday I’ll be able to treat myself to a yummy ice cream cone again!

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